How to purchase figure skates?

Figure Skates Must Fit:

The foot has to fit in the skating boot. There should be no extra room in the boot, especially in the heel. The boot should "fit like a glove."

New Boots May Hurt:

Understand that good figure skating boots may hurt at first. Expect a "break-in" period.


Recommended Figure Skates For Beginning Ice Skaters:

There are many entry level figure skates available for beginning and recreational skaters. Wifa and Jackson are one of the most popular brands, but other figure skate companies are producing entry level skates. In recent years, entry level skates have been manufactured with a soft and comfortable boot. Leather and vinyl figure skates are also available for beginning ice skaters.



Question: How Often Should Figure Skating Blades Be Sharpened?

This short article addresses how often a figure skater should sharpen his or her skates.



A simple answer to this question is that figure skating blades need to be sharpened when they need to be sharpened. How often figure skates need sharpening will depend on how much a skater skates and how hard he or she skates. Sometimes the edges no longer feel secure and a skater will know when the blades just feel dull. Also, if you rub the width of the blade back and forth with a finger, you can tell that the blade is dull.

In general, figure skates need sharpening after about forty hours of ice skating. Figure skaters can determine that their blades need sharpening when the blades start to slide sideways too easily.


Question: Should a Figure Skater Purchase New or Used Figure Skates?

Is it okay to purchase used figure skating boots or blades?


Answer: Good used figure skates can be okay sometimes, especially if a figure skater is a beginner.


Know About Brands and Models of Figure Skates:

Be sure you know a bit about the brand or model of skates you buy if you purchase used figure skates.

Get Advice:

Ask a figure skating coach for suggestions on what kind of boots or blades to look for.

Don't Buy Cheap Ice Skates:

Sometimes good used boots and blades are better than inexpensive or low quality figure skate sets or packages. An “unwritten rule” in the ice skating world that is passed on to those new to the sport is that cheap boots and blade sets that are sold at sporting good stores or department stores are not acceptable