About Tinas Konståkninsshop - Tinas Ice Skating shop

Tina's Ice Skating Shop (formerly Tina's Skating Costumes) is a pure web shop based in Örebro. The company is owned and operated by Tina Hultkrantz. In Tina's Ice Skating Shop you can find almost everything in figure skating. The company provides a wide range of skating products. Tina's Ice Skating Shop has since its inception in 2005, specializes in offering a variety of figure skating costumes. The costumes in the webshop are all chosen with care. The goal is for there to be a wide variety of figure skating costumes for all levels of skaters. Most costumes are sewn by seamstresses in the U.S. and Canada. However, this can not be guaranteed when the number of people who sew themselves are inspired by pictures of internet.

Tina's Ice Skating Shop also supplies wellknown brands of ready-made costumes and clothing  from Sagester, Twizzle Design, Chloe Noel, Ice Fairy, Jerry's, Intermezzo and Mondor. Common to all suppliers is that they are known for their fine products and garments are of high class.

Looking for accessories, you've come to the right shop. There is everything from training DVD for the Nintendo Game. Of course you'll also find everything else that has to do with figure skating, protective, bungapads, skate tape, crash shorts etc.

Are you looking for skates? You've come to the right place. The shop offers figure skates from Gam, Jackson, Edea and Wifa.
Would your figure skating club like to have a visit from Tina's Ice Skating Shop? Please send an email to postmaster@konstakning.net