Sharene 79-24


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Product Description:
Style #79-24

This Free-Form Asymmetrical Dress is made of Colored Mesh with a Semi-Sheer-Sequin Fabric Which has been Applied in a Flowing and Beautiful Design to the Bodice and Skirt.

Main picture shows this dress i blue with a maximum of AB Swarovski Crystals.
In stock there is one Adult Medium i Raspberry with 100+ AB Swarovski crystals. Even though it not have not so many swarovski, this option is very beutiful and the sequin fabric makes it glimmer and sparks.

We also have this dress i red, an adult small, with an option of AB crystals (350+).

In stock we have one child Medium in royal blue with maximum option. This dress has 864 AB Swarovski crystals and it sparkles like the dress on the main picture.

We are also showing this dress in black and white option. Those are made after orders.