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Logos Milano

Logos – wear your mind!

Logos, in ancient Greek, means “word, concept, idea, reason” and metaphorically the ancient Greeks understood it as the divine spark of intelligence that distinguishes men from animals. What makes men capable of dreaming and creating.

This is why we chose this name: we dream, design and manufacture training clothing and competition clothes for ice skating and other sports, and our garments have such a strong personality that they bear Greek names whose meanings are Strength, Balance, Tenacity,  Perseverance, Grit, Technique, etc.

All the qualities of a true sportsman.

Why? Because we wanted that, in wearing his or her armour, every sports warrior would remember what really matters. To the point that they feel it on their skin.

Logos combines passion, craftsmanship, style and technique.

We love what we do: designing and producing creative and fashionable sportswear is what we like and have chosen to do. We also love Sport and we like to experience it in first person. For this reason, when we design clothes, we know exactly what the needs of the sportsman and of the disciplines to which we mainly address are.

When we make a garment we do it in an efficient way: we maintain the care and love of the handmade packaging, combining it with the precision and effectiveness of the best machinery.

The technical fabrics, the seams and the finishes of the highest quality, have all the characteristics of safety, strength and soundness typical of Made in Italy craftsmanship.


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