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10 days delivery
Product Description:

Chloe Noel P06, Spiral pants in regual quality.
Popular and pretty, these pants sport high quality, durablility and practical funcionality.

This best seller features a 2" Solid color waist band and 1" Foot Cuff and Spiral. Fabric is 87% Polyester & 13% Spandex.

Made in the USA! Pants are cut longer to pull over the heel of the boot, so they'll "stay put" during jumps and spins!

Sizes: CXS, CS, CM, CL, CXL, AXS, AS, AM, AL

Available with matching Swarovski crystals (average of 30 matching crystals, size 20ss) Match it up with a Chloe Jacket or Shirt (sold seperately)

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