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Skate Guards & Soakers

Figure skating guards are usually made of plastic with a simple spring or other mechanical device to hold the guards tightly to the blades. They can be found in many colors and with internal lights that blink as the skater walks. They are also called 'blade guards'. Figure skating guards historically were made of wood, but this has been supplanted in the last thirty years by plastic. Always use guards when off the ice. Rubber mats around rinks frequently are dirty and gritty and walking without guards can dull edges quickly. Keep your guards clean by flushing them with water periodically. Don't store your skates with guards on. Trapped water can rust your blades. Use Terry Soakers for protecting your blades when stored.Skate Soakers are used to keep skate blades dry and protected while being stored between uses. We have several types of soakers available, from the cute and fun Blade blankies from ChloeNoel to the economical 2 Tone Terry soakers. Regardless of how they look, on the outside, they all have a terry cloth lining to keep your blades dry, rust free and protected between uses.

Because skate blades are COLD after use, they continue to create condensation for up to an hour after use. Soakers absorb this excess moisture and keep your blades from rusting between uses. Always store your blades in soakers, NEVER store them in hard plastic guards. Hard guards should be used only to protect your blades when walking around off-ice.


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