Bunga Removable Knee Pad Bunga Removable Knee Pad Bunga Removable Knee Pad Bunga Removable Knee Pad

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Bunga Removable Knee Pad

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The Bunga Removable Knee Pad™ is designed to allow for maximum lineal movement and bending of the knee joint, while providing ample cushion to help protect the knee against falls, shock and bruising. This high-tech knee pad has an additional pad to protect the head of the fibula(outside of the knee) knee joint and patella (knee cap). The padding is a special light weight, high impact urethane. The "whipped up" gel has the cell structure of gel and the lightness of foam. Also uses medical quality Velcro™. 

Proper size is determined by measuring around the center of the knee with leg extended. 


Please specify Left and/or Right sides Sizes runs small, we recomend:

xs - child 120-135 cm

S- child 130-145 cm

M - child 140-155 cm

L -  150-165

XL - 160-180

2 xl - 180+