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Deluxe Diamond-3-1-2-2-2-1

Deluxe Diamond

ca 2 veckors leveranstid för vissa storlekar
ca 2 veckors leveranstid för vissa storlekar
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Training boot for international champions

Special reinforced leather uppers incorporating strong side stability, special padding, full leather lining and padding in ankle area only for better control in ball area. Orthopeadic formed leatehr insole with steel shank, hardened double leather soles, high pressure laminated leather heels with special screw fixture provides the right support for daily training. At this performance level priority is given to individual fitting - all options are provided without surcharge:

•individual cut down of upper
•full or half padding
•Derby or traditional cut (with or without notch)
•Synchro tongue or standard new tongue
•Deluxe Top, Dance Top or Topsoft