Champion Light Champion Light Champion Light

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Champion Light Wifa-243-1-1

Wifa Champion Light


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Length right foot

Length left foot

Measurment around ball

1-2 v lev
1-2 v lev
Product Description:

NEW! Champion Light ****+

Colours: white/black
Soles: hardened leather sole
Cut: traditional with special notch and Dance Top

Competition boots
A light boot that is strong enough for doubles and beginning triples is now available after a successful testing period.
It features a new breathable inner reinforcement, a soft shaft top of Napa-leather and a special V-notch to form a natural crease and allow quicker breaking in. We managed to develop a light leather boot that combines flexibility and stability with comfort.

Available as boots only or as special Set offer with competition blades: Coronation Ace / Professional.
Heat moldable!