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Champion Light Reinforced

10 working days delivery for non stock sizes
10 working days delivery for non stock sizes
Product Description:
We presently have an international team of WIFA test skaters spread all over the world who are providing most important data on our latest developments and models. Through our sponsoring programme we are in the position to support the skaters with equipement and our know how.

Test finished:
Champion Light 30-35 kg/35-40 kg/40-45 kg
Test current:
Champion Reinforced 50-60 kg /70-80 kg/ 80+kg
New Dance Reinforced 80+kg

Training ca. 10-12 h/week.

Colours: white/black
Soles: hardened leather sole
Cut: traditional with special notch and Dance Top
Blade: Competition Set
Sizes Widths
Girls: UK 1 - 8 S / M / L / LL / C
Boys: UK 1 - 8 M / L / LL / C / CC

Competition boots/Set for young skaters

A light boot that is strong enough for doubles and beginning triples is now available after a successful testing period.
It features a new breathable inner reinforcement, a soft shaft top of Napa-leather and a special V-notch to form a natural crease and allow quicker breaking in. We managed to develop a light leather boot that combines flexibility and stability with comfort.

Available as boots only or as special Set offer with competition blades: Coronation Ace / Professional.
Heat moldable!