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The 255 Motion moves with style. Now 7 percent lighter while maintaining support needed for jumps. Double reinforced TriFusion ankle support, traditional hand-rolled collar and flex notch eyelet. Leather sole and durable leather uppers provide strength. Soft Dri-Lex® lining for easy care comfort with great fit. Higher box toe and forefoot relief area. Available as boot only or with blades attached.
Double Leather Upper, Quilted Tongue, Soft Dri-lex® lining keeps the moisture out

Motion features:
Open Throat Design allows wider lacing pattern for improved fit.

Flex Notch Eyelet provides better forward flexibility and heel support.

Forefoot Flex inside boot structure gives added comfort for little toe and ball joint.

Hand-Rolled Collar provides added lower leg comfort.

Higher Toe Box Design gives toes the room to perform in comfort.

Higher Toe Box Design. Hand-Rolled Collar provides added lower leg comfort.

Anti-Rotational Lace Bar allows tongue to remain centered.

Quilted Tongue Pad Stitching enhances tongue contour for best fit.

Forefoot Flex
Available in White
Available in Narrow, Medium or Wide widths
Stiffness Rating 70
Available as Boot Only or with Eclipse Astra, or Eclipse Cosmos blades attached.
This skate recommended for Single Jumps, Beginning Axe