Riedell 2010 Black Open Throat Design allows wider lacing pattern for improved fit. Anti-Rotational Lace Bar allows tongue to remain centered. Cushioned Backstay Collar provides cushioned Achilles Tendon protection and great flexibility. Flex Notch lets the boot flex forward while maintaining lateral support. Lightweight Cork offers lightweight feel and impact absorption. Quilted Tongue Pad Stitching enhances tongue contour for best fit. Higher Toe Box Design gives toes the room to perform in comfort. Forefoot Flex inside boot structure gives added comfort for little toe and ball joint.

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2010 Fusion Black


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The fresh, new 2010 Fusion features an aggressive design allowing maximum forward and backward flexibility. TriFusion triple ankle reinforcement offers maximum support. Cork heels and leather soles pair for superior shock absorption and lightweight design. Perforated microfiber lining, quilted tongue padding and low profile cushioned backstay collar provide an amazingly comfortable fit.

Customize the Fusion 2010 boot to your heart’s desire. Choose from a wide variety of colors and looks. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Skate Skill Level
Double, triple and quad jumps
White or Black
Boot Support Level

90 – Extra Firm

SizesMens: 4-13 Full/Half; Nar, Med, Wide