Why Wifa?

Why do Coaches recommend WIFA?

All over the world  coaches confirm that the Primaboot is the best boot for beginners and  skating courses. Why?  Because of its optimal orthopedic  form, good fitting, stability and  strength  and all this at a reasonable pricing. It is also the first choice for the experienced Recreational Skater.  

Growing with WIFA 
Many international  champions, dancers, synchro skaters and professionals  have grown up in WIFA.    
They make their first single and double jumps in their Primas, Prima Intermediate  or 
Deluxe Skatecs  , enter their first local competitions in theirDeluxe Champion or Champion Light and achieve international success with their 
Deluxe  Goldstars,  Diamonds or Allstars

WIFA  maintains  ongoing contact with skaters and trainers  to upgrade  their skating boots to the changing technical standards and individual requirements of the skaters.



NEW! Prima Intermediate

This is the model for young skaters with good basic skills who are committed to advance and improve.  The next model up from a Prima it is similar but with extra reinforcement in the ankle area.  
A V-notch helps to  form a  natural crease and allows quicker breaking in. Suitable for all single jumps and first doubles. 
Available now in sizes 26-35 and 3-8!

NEW! Champion Light

This is a model for the young competition skater who needs a strong boot for doubles and beginning triples with a preference for a lighter boot that is easy to break in. 
This model has a shorter shaft, a soft Napa leather shaft top and a special notch. After a successful testing phase the Champion light boot is nowavailable for individual production (sizes 1-8).







The right Model?

A skater’s feet are the most important tool and  key to success and the boot must provide a link between the skater and the ice. Therefor WIFA makes even the beginners Prima boot in 5 widths and from Deluxe Skatec on, 7 widths.

When choosing the model, consider  the  skating level, age, weight and  time spent on the ice.  Our recommendation: the more advanced the skater, the closer the fit !

An experienced  WIFA dealer can advise about  the right model, size, width, and  special features.


Deluxe Diamond
Int. Wettkämfe - Int. Competitions
3-4-Fache - triples & quads


Deluxe Goldstar
Int. Wettkämfe - Int. Competitions
2-3-Fache -  doubles & triples

Champion Light
 New Dance Men           Int. Wettkämfe Junioren - Int. Competitions Juniors       New Dance Ladies
double sole, reinforced                       2-3-Fache - doubles & beginning triples                                            single leather sole

Deluxe Champion
Int. Wettkämfe Junioren - Int. Competitions Juniors
1-2-Fache - single & double jumps

Deluxe Skatec
Top Allrounder - Hobby/Freestyle
1-2-Fache - all single & beginning doubles

Prima Intermediate
Basic Training II 
 1-2-Fache - all single & beginning doubles

Basic Training I & Hobby 
alle Einfachen -  all single jumps

Prima Hobby Set
Erste Eislaufkurse - First Courses & Hobby