Thank youfor ordering Rockerzfor your Paramount or Matrix blades!

Your Rockerz have beencustom cut for your blades make, model and size,but because your blades are wider than regular blades, we ask that you take steps to properly seat your blades in your Rockerz channels. By doing so, your bladeswill be able rest on the floor of the channel, your Rockerzwill beable to fully hug the wide blade,and thegap between the 2 pieceswill be normalized.

For best results, we recommend the annealing processwhich involves heat molding your Rockerz. The following is to be done by a responsible adult:

1. Place a fully assembled pair of Rockerz on a cookie sheet, standing up,in a preheatedoven(ideally a convection oven) at 325 degrees (farenheit) equal to 160 degrees celsius, for 5 min.Set the timer. Do not forget that you put them in the oven!

2.Remove Rockerz from the oven using heat barrier,protectiveoven mitts on both of your hands.

3.Quickly insert each bladeinto the Rockerz channelso that the bottom of the blade is in contact with the Rockerzfloor. And correspondingly the toe rake and tail of the blade must be firmly seated in either ends of the Rockerz. Successful accomplishment of such may require aggressive intention. This step in the process can also be done quite well while the skates are on the skater who can then seat the bladesmore easily by pushingdown with a fair amount of weightand walking in them,but first makesure that the toe rake area and tail are in their respective place by tapping them against the ground.Rock the boot back and forth a few times ensuring that the nose and tail section are on the blade all the way.

4.Allow Rockerz to cool to room temperature before removing from blades.

Your other option to seat the blade doesntinvolve using the oven, but itsresults may not as good as quickly.Lubricate the walls of the channel usinga Q-tip and a very smallamount of baby oil, sewing machine oil, or cooking oil. Now follow Step3. At first, the gap between the 2 pieces of each guard will appear to be wide, but asyou wear your Rockerz more and more, the bladeswill seat lower and lower into the guards and the gap will normalize.