About Gam Skates

In April 1989, skate manufacturer, Daoust decided to end production of figure skates to concentrate on hockey products. At the time they were the number one figure skate manufacturer in North America, creating a monopoly in the market and a shortage of products.

There was then urgency for a new supplier to take over.

Long- term Daoust employees, François Legris and Pierre Fournier decided to fill the need and founded GAMSPORTS Inc., a new company dedicated fully to production of figure skates.

With a group of very experienced, specialized and passionate workers, they studied the need of the market, designed, produced and launched the new Gam line of figure skate boots and outfits.

The new company borrowed technologies being used in the hockey industry and applied them to the Gam line, offering skaters improvements they had not seen before.

These features included:

  • Complete side padding
  • Heel hugger padding for comfort and stability
  • Rubber/leather outsoles for better adhesion
  • New two dimensional mold
  • Lower cut boot
  • Synthetic midsole instead of leather for waterproofing and lightness
  • Cemented outsole
  • Blades attached with screws to PVC outsoles

Over the years, Gam has continued its innovation while keeping the traditional basic structure of the leather boot, the best material to mold to the foot, allowing the skater to feel the ice better.

To complete its commitment to provide skaters with the best equipment at every level of skating, Gam continued its development and created a complete line of blades.

Technicians and professionals identified 8 different parts of the skate blade that should vary depending on the level of skating. These variations were applied in the best configurations to answer the demands of skaters at each level of skating.

Each blade model features a unique and logical progression of the basic configuration and is also proportionate with its size.

In 2008, Tournament Sports Marketing acquired GAMSPORTS Inc. Tournament Sports is a privately held Canadian company involved in the manufacture and distribution of golf, skate and curling products.

What started as small company in answer to an urgent situation, GAM figure skates now has world-wide
distribution and continue to be the choice of skaters all over the world.



By using leather in all skate models, Gam is able to provide the Heat Moldable feature throughout it's product line.

Authorized Gam Retailers and technicians can modify our boots to meet most individual fitting needs, such as bone spurs, ankle discomfort, pinched toes and other fit problems.

After heating your boots in a special oven at a controlled temperature, your skate technician will mold the softened boot, adjusting the areas of discomfort for a perfect fit. You will be asked to remain seated through this process until the boot is completely cool.

This process enhances performance and comfort without affecting the product strength and durability.


Some skater's feet have developed, usually as a result of wearing today's looser, casual footwear, in a way that makes it important to have the unique shape built into their skate boot.

Gam's Adapted Width provides a wider arch which will release any pressure a skater is feeling under the foot and provide immediate comfort.

The Adapted Width feature is available in A, B and C widths, by special order only.



We are proud to introduce the Gam Wrap System, incorporating a revolutionary lacing system and unique hook alignment with a distinctive wrap pattern. 

Our new design improves stability and reduces inside foot movement, creating improved comfort and efficiency, which increases the skater's energy on the ice.

Gam's new series of skates also features improved tongue design, padding position and tendon protection.