Sharene 84-11


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Product Description:
Fresh Fashion!!! This Sweet Style Features an Exquisite Lace and a Gathered Mesh Bodice. Notice the Beautiful Back Design! Unique and Exclusive - A Winning Combination, Just Like You!

In stock we have this lemon yellow dress in a size child small. If fits a 7-9 year old. On the main picture this dress is shown with a medium crystal option there over 600 swarovski crystals is added. The one we have in stock has 100 + crystals added. That gives this dress enough sparkle and it is easy to add more crystals by your self.

Please compare your childs measurements with this dress for a perfect fit.
You can also order other sizes. Please type in your measurements in the fields so we can order the right size for you.

Child Small
Bust: 58-66 cm
waist: 48-56 cm
Hips 60-70 cm
Girth: 108-116 cm

Child Large
Bust 68-76 cm
Waist 56-64 cm
Hips 70-78 cm
Girth: 128-136 cm

Ladies X-Small
Bust 74-82 cm
Waist 62-70 cm
Hips: 76-84 cm
Girth: 134-142 cm