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Product Description:

This Dress features Shirred Mesh over Lycra, and is sure to Delight, Even the Very Toughest of Judges! A lovely Sharene dress in periwinkle. Made of soft mesh and the dress comes decorated with +200 AB Swarovski crystals.

Dresses pictured with crystalling can have 800-1200 crystals applied. This decoration pattern is shown only as an example and is very detailed for photographic purposes. All crystalling is done in house, and is always decorated as close to the pattern shown as possible with the amount of crystals order by the customer.

CXL = 160 cl.
Bust 70-78 cm
Waist 58-68 cm
Hips 76-84 cm
Girth 132-140 cm

Adult Small
Bust: 74-84 cm
Waist: 64-74 cm
Hips: 78-88 cm
Girth: 142-150 cm

Adult Medium
Bust 76-86 cm
Waist 66-76 cm
Hips 82-92 cm
Girth 152-160 cm