2-delade skridskoskydd från Guardog Skate guards Swirlz Skate guards Swirlz

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2-delade skydd Swirlz-4-2-1-1

Skate guards Swirlz

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Deluxe two-piece guards. Trim to fit any skate blade. These guards are now available in several scents.

Berry Blend Scent- Purple Swirl
Tropical Fruit Scent - Orange Swirl
Tutti Frutti Scent- Fuchsia Swirl

Always use guards when off the ice to protect your blades and make your sharpenings last longer! Walking without guards can dull edges quickly. Don't store your skates with guards on. Trapped water can rust your blades. Use Soakers for protecting your blades when stored. Specify Color.