Rockerz Skate Guards


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Gold Or Silver sprinkler

1 week delivery for non stock sizes
1 week delivery for non stock sizes
Product Description:

There are 4 Pieces in a pair of Rockerz Guards.  You must select a front and a back color for each the left and the right foot.  You may select 4 of the same colors or 4 different colors.

Rockers are only sold & shipped fully assembled.

Please include the BRAND, MODEL and SIZE of your blade.  We need all 3, to fit the guard properly.
example:  Wilson (brand), Pattern 99 (Model), 9.75 (Size)
Also tell us in you want gold or silver sprinkler. In no choice we add silver.
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Rock through your walk

Patented rocker base reduces impact & joint stress
Ergonomically designed for safety & comfort
Experience the ease of movement in every step


Safety first

Heavy-duty, gripping tread for safety
Wide, stable walking base (50% wider)


Sleek, unique waves

Structurally designed for lateral support
Beveled thumb grips for easy handling


Spring is in

Fully-recessed springs & screws
Sleek design prevents clothing snags


Exclusive accommodations

Patented v-shaped blade channel
Blades slide in & out with ease
Only Rockerz guards accommodate
Matrix, Paramount & Revolution blades


Mix & match

Combine up to 4 colors
Explore color combinations or
downloadRockerz Skate Guard App
forany mobile device