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Jame Soft Balancer

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Product Description:
Jame-Soft used on top of Jame-Balancer intensifies middle body control and muscle strength exercises.
It is particularly beneficial for strengthening the small muscles in the foot and ankle.
Do all exercises without footwearPractising with Jame-Soft
together with a Jame-Balancer:
Jame-Soft has been designed to be used in exercises that are done barefoot.
enhances the effectiveness of middle body control exercises (balance)
improves balance in muscle condition exercises
improves the movement of the ankle in ankle exercises
enhances the strengthening of the small muscles in the ankle and foot in all exercises
is suitable for treating and strengthening the muscles around the joints after injuries.
Jame-Soft is a great tool for podiatrists and is used in the programs they tailor for their patients. Jame-Softs are being used in podiatry training units at universities.

There are two hights

White Jame-Soft
Height: 20+10mm
Length: 290mm
Width: 100/120mm
Blue Jame-Soft
Height: 25+10mm
Length: 290mm
Width: 100/120mm

Choose your Jame-Soft
according to your weight:
(weight limits are estimations only)
white colour, less than 75 kg
blue colour, more than 75 kg